RUIN: Character Test Renders

Oct 16, 2010  |  Labs, Ruin  |  Share

Starting to build up a character to add to the shots. This is my first tests out of Modo. The model is based on a model by aXYZ.

The hair looks a little funny, I know. Still a long way to go… not to mention his wardrobe.

BTW, this is a big render, 2400×1200, so if you have the screen, check it out full rez.


  1. Great work guys/Gal. Do you use Maya, Max or cinema? The ruins teaser is Killer!!

  2. Hi there,

    if I wanted to be considered as a model for a character in a production, how would I go about pursuing that?


  3. ruins teaser must be honored. Very great work, i fall in love with it.